Get in on the Ground Floor of the Exploding Bitcoin, Dash, and Cryptocurrency Market with no Technical Knowledge or Experience

Recover Your Investment in 3 - 9 months and Explode your ROI Starting Immediately. Cryptocurrency Teller Machines (CTMs) are Generating $20,000 - $300,000 in Transactions per month, But are Still Missing from Most Prime Locations

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This Cutting Edge, International, Explosive Business Opportunity Could be Yours for Far Less than You Imagine

  • Are you looking for an easy to operate, high income, all cash, ground floor business opportunity?

  • Does the thought of being the first person providing a service thousands are already screaming for and millions more will need in the next 1 - 3 years capture your imagination?

  • Would a passive, regular, cash income improve your lifestyle, enhance your retirement, or help you reach your financial goals?

The Business Opportunity

The Problem

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are growing an a phenomenal rate. In fact, experts expect the industry will see over 1 billion dollars in investment during 2016. Amazon, Paypal, Ferrari, and many other international firms now accept Bitcoin. What seemed the domain of tech geeks and fringe freedom seekers, its now moving into the mainstream.

Unfortunately purchasing Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Dash privately and conveniently is difficult, and often impossible. Moving crypto back into fiat cash is worse.

It requires complex, expensive, and highly scrutinized wire transfers, tons of paperwork, and more.

Even when possible through bank and wire transfers, using banks eliminates privacy, destroying one of the main reasons cryptocurrency popularity is growing.

Cryptocurrency Teller Machines (CTMs) help customers overcome these problems. But until TigoCTM entered the market, CTM owners have struggled due to technical issues, lack of connections in the field, and misunderstandings of the Cryptocurrency world.

TigoCTM’s Solution

TigoCTM Cryptocurrency Teller Machines (CTM’s) eliminate these issues by making Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency transactions as simple as using your bank’s ATM.

And now for the first time, business owners like you can get in on the ground floor of this amazing all cash, residual income, cutting edge opportunity by owning your own crypto money machine in an industry virtually free from competition. Even if you have no experience or technical skills.

The way it works is, your customers put their fiat cash into your machine and the system automatically converts that cash into Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency. You’ll keep a significant fee for providing this convenience.

Alternatively, clients pay you in Cryptocurrency, and you hand them back fiat currency. You profit in either direction.

TigoCTM has removed the technical hurdles, built an amazing network within the industry, and has deep knowledge of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. And with the TIGO opportunity, you get a back door into this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Buy a TigoCTM Machine

TigoCTM walks you through a simplified account setup at banking, exchange, and wallet partners

TigoCTM helps you pick a location and install your CTM.

TigoCTM creates and hosts the backend server(s) your machine requires.

TigoCTM helps market your machine, so lots of customers find and use it.

You visit the machine regulary, managing the cash.

Existing and Growing Demand

  • These machines are already in demand, and Bitcoin users are screaming for more machines in more locations. There aren’t enough machines to fill the demand.

  • How much demand? In the few cities these machines are found (not many), transactions range from $20,000 to $300,000 / month.

  • You keep the percentage you choose. From 5% - 20%.

  • Your job is simply to find a location to place these high demand machines and pick up your profits.

  • It’s as easy as a vending machine, except with vending machines, your profits rely on high traffic.

  • With TigoCTM, clients seek you out. You just have to get the word out.

  • Our flagship machine in Panama City. Panama is hidden in an area most people don’t even know exists, but clients find it because they are searching for these machines.

  • That makes your job easier. Unlike vending machines and ATM’s, TigoCTM doesn’t require you to convince business owners to give up valuable real estate.

  • Instead, TigoCTM allows you to offer to attract foot traffic to their location.

Your New Machine


Santo Tirso


Amazing Ground Floor Business Opportunity. Get These Incredible Benefits:

  • All cash business so there’s no headaches from receivables, payroll, credit, etc.
  • Fast return on investment of 3-9 months so you’re enjoying residual income almost immediately.
  • Ground floor opportunity so competition is almost non-existent (completely non-existent in most cities)
  • Easy to operate and install, so no technological knowledge is required.
  • Full training and support program so you don’t need to understand Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or software to get started and you can profit right away.
  • All network contacts are in place, so you can get started immediately even if you are brand new to the industry.
  • A service sought by clients, so you’re building your residual income right away, no pounding the pavement to get started.
  • Small and easy to place so you don’t have to handle inventory or have storage space of your own.
  • A great add on to your existing business so you can bring in new traffic and add new revenue with office or retail space you already have.
  • Free and open software with additional crypto currency support giving your users a full range of options so you have even more potential customers seeking you out.
  • TigoCTM is the one stop shop for Cryptocurrency Teller Machines, so regardless of your requirements, you can rest assured we have you covered.
  • The highest quality hardware, free and open software and an extended partner network so owning and running your own CTM business is as easy as plug and play.

Recover Your Investment in 3 – 9 Months

Bitcoin ATM Machines used to be limited in flexibility and only accessible to technical savvy engineers. They were complex to use, run, and upgrade. But TigoCTM opens the market to alternative cryptocurrencies such as Dash and allows any business owner who wants a ground floor, revenue-generating business to get started with limited cryptocurrency knowledge or tech skills.

In the past, CTM operators have gotten confused about the technological requirements and need for a network of providers. TigoCTM handles all of that for you. All you need to do is find a location, and we’ll even help with that.

Most of our owners recoup their original investment in 3 - 9 months. After that, these are automatic money machines.

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Cryptocurrency is going from a tight niche to mainstream awareness so the opportunity is massive. But like most paradigm shifts, those who get in early will profit. Those who wait will be left behind.

Own a no-hassle, all cash business

Make up to $3000 per month residual income

Join the global cryptocurrency economy


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