The X Coin Machine ICO

X Coin Machines (XCM) are gift certificate tokens for TigoCTM. Each XCM is redeemable for $10 worth of hardware from TigoCTM at up to 50% off the retail price. ICO proceeds will go to funding the production of the first line of TigoCTM's products.

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Cryptographically Secure Products

One (Key) Ring To Rule Them All

Featuring guldOS

GuldOS is a privacy focused variant of Gentoo Linux. GuldOS uses openPGP paired with a TigoCTM hardware security module to encrypt your disk, folders, emails, passwords, blockchain wallets, and more.

The decentralized guld filesystem allows you to securely share data between your different TigoCTM devices. You can use this as your secure, private cloud, or to interact with other members of the guld network.

Each TigoCTM device will ship with some guld tokens so it can register on the global, decentralized guld network. Through the guld network, any file or directory can be shared and trustlessly governed by a user defined consensus group. (see the guld consensus whitepaper)


TigoCTM was founded in 2014 by Bitcoin veterans Cindy Zimmerman and Judith Katzman. Initially a Lamassu teller machine upgrader, reseller, and operator, TigoCTM has decided to pivot to manufacturing a whole line of crypto-specialized machines, from desktops to smart phones and a whole new line of teller machines.


Cindy Zimmerman

CEO & Co-founder

Cindy has a masters degree in Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity. In 2012, she was the second employee at Bitcoin exchange Coinapult, and managed the technical team there until leaving to found TigoCTM in 2014.


Judith Katzman

COO & Co-founder

Judith has been involved in the Bitcoin world since 2012. She has worked at various bitcoin exchanges and bitcoin enterprises. In addition, she has over 20 years of IT experience. Judith has an MA in Computer Science from CUNY Queens.

Mike Zabary

Mike Zabary

Chief Hardware Engineer

Michael has over 20 years experience in both hardware and software. He has built hundreds of desktop computers with specialized components to accommodate special application requirements. In addition he is CompTIA, A+ and Microsoft (MCP) certified. Michael also passes his time as a Python developer.

Ira Miller

Ira Miller

Technical Advisor

Ira Miller is the Founder of Guld. Technical Advisor to TigoCTM, Dash, Bitt and more fantastic projects. Ira has founded many technology startups, lately focused on the blockchain sector. In 2012, Ira co-founded global payment processor Coinapult, selling the company in 2015 to pursue open source collaborative projects through the Guld.


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